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Some Interesting Maze Terms

Bellingham Maze - Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unicursal - Maze without branches. Sometimes called a circuit maze.

Multicursal - Maze with branches and dead ends.

Blind Alley- Branch that is a dead end.

Island - Asection of the maze containing walls not connected to the external wall of the maze. Sometimes also referred to as a detached wall.

Theta - A type of maze composed of concentric circles.

Braid Maze - A type of maze with branches, but without dead ends. All branches loop back to other branches.

Perfect Maze - Maze with no islands or isolated sections. A perfect maze has only one solution.

Delta Maze - Maze consisting of interlocking triangles.

Plainair Maze - A maze on something other than a flat surface. For example, a maze painted on the outside of a cube or sphere.

Source: The UnMuseum