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It may not be appropriate at school, but here’s the good news for teachers, on a maze excursion you CAN tell the kids to “get lost”! (Just joking!) Groups of children and teenagers just love the maze! Maths teachers find it a challenging maths excursion and mathematicians are the best at solving the maze and the brain-teasing puzzles.

Whether it’s an educational visit or a reward day for students, it’s certain to be a good choice for a day out. With our range of kids puzzles including the rope maze, tyre maze, mini mazes as well as metal and wooden brain teaser puzzles the kids just have to use their brains. The rope maze is a great relay challenge. Ask us for the best way to get the most from your maze excursion.


Vacation care morning teas start at $3 for a muffin, or $5 for a muffin AND a popper juice for every child. Other morning tea or lunch options are shown below:

$3 muffin

$5 muffin plus popper juice 

$5 sausage roll plus a popper juice

$5.50 hot dog, plus a popper juice plus a Zooper Dooper ice block

$9 sausage roll, muffin, Zooper Dooper ice block, popper juice and platter of fruit to share

Or we can cater to your special needs, just ask!

Bellingham Maze is one of the favourite Sunshine Coast attractions for kids and adults alike and we request that children of all ages are supervised by responsible adults at all times – but hey, adults always have just as much fun getting lost as the kids!

An excursion can include the mazes only or the maze plus mini golf and teachers on an excursion are always welcome for FREE.
Click here for risk assessment information.

For more details, please phone 5445 2979 or send an email: and we’ll get back to you with full details.

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