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Opening Hours

Open 7 days during the month of April.
10am to 4pm daily
OPEN 1.30pm-4.30pm Anzac Day.
Tanawha Tourist Drive #25
Tanawha, Qld, 4556
Here are some of our brain teasing puzzles. Most are for sale at Bellingham Maze or you can purchase them online.
  • Crazy 4

    Crazy 4

    • Price: $13.95

    • Ticket Type:

    3 different puzzles in one. Puzzle 1. Arrange the dice so that you have 4 different colours on the top, 4 different colours on each side and 4 different colours on the bottom. This one is Level 8 but you may be lucky! Puzzle 2 & 3. Remove the dice and arrange them as per the instructions.

    Dimensions: Size 11 x 3 x 3cm. 70 grams