Things to do at Bellingham Maze

Bellingham Maze Brochure - Click to download

A visit to the maze can be as active or relaxed as you like with activities to suit all ages. Find the tower in the middle of the hedge maze, take on the Dwarf quiz or the Harry Potter quiz in the hedge maze, next find the 8 dead ends in the timber scrabble maze, compete with your family and friends on the rope maze, try your skills on the tyre maze, box of books or traffic lights maze, play 18 holes of mini golf or just sit in the garden cafe and relax with your favourite coffee! It's entirely up to you. (For those who would rather sit back and enjoy coffee or tea with scones in the cafe there is no entry fee).

A maze hunt

What else can you find in the garden maze? In the huge lilly pilly hedge maze your mission is to find your w..
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Brain Teasing Puzzles

We’ve discovered that maze lovers also love the challenge of solving our brain-teasing, hands-on met..
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Garden Café

When you’re looking for the best cafes Sunshine Coast, our Garden Cafe is a relaxing place to enjoy your..
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Get Lost

Get lost in the huge hedge maze, tie yourself in knots in the rope maze, try to solve the mini tile mazes and ..
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Mini golf

Sunshine Coast mini golf has been a feature at Bellingham Maze since 2011. It’s a 2 par course that&rsqu..
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Mini mazes

Mini mazes are not for little kids, they’re brain teasing puzzles for grownup brains. Our two mini mazes..
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Make a day of it and pack a picnic to enjoy while you and relax in our picnic area. Gas BBQ’s are availa..
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Rope and Tyre Maze

The rope maze is a great relay challenge and can be played by 2 to 22 people! Challenge your family or challen..
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What's New?

Have you ever gone looking for Snow White’s 7 dwarfs in a hedge maze? Have you found all the letters on the posts and solved any of our quizzes? Whether you have or you haven’t, one thing’s clear – there’s plenty of brain stretching going on in our hedge maze!

We can’t wait for you to come and visit at the best brain-teasing place on the Sunshine Coast! Bellingham Maze. Book your tickets now on the tickets page, make a vacation care booking by phoning 5445 2979 or send an email enquiry through the contacts page

Timber Maze

A new maze was made from timber in 2013 and is not as easy as you might think. Its unexpected twists and turns have been designed to baffle people of all ages with 1.8 metre high fences and clues that are not so easy to find. To play scrabble in the timber maze grab a quiz sheet from the cafe and see if you can find the scrambled letters at the 8 dead ends.